In general, the Board of Engineering ensures that the qualifications of a registered engineer conform to accreditation standards that are acceptable to such internationally recognized authorities as the Engineering Council of the United Kingdom and/or the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) of the USA or similar accreditation to Professional or Chartered Engineer status or the equivalent; that they are appropriately experienced and conform to a legislated Code of Ethics.

 Registration Committees of the Board

There are two committee of the Board which are responsible for assessing qualifications and competency for registration with the BOETT

These are the Accreditation Committee and the Assessment Committee.

The Accreditation Committee assesses, reviews, scrutinizes, examines and investigates the academic qualifications of applicants for registration as registered engineers.

The Assessment Committee reviews the engineering work done by applicants and assesses the practical engineering proficiency and competency of the applicant and make recommendations to the Board with regard to the area of competency in which the applicant can be registered. 

The Registration Process

The registration process is two-fold.

  1. First the application has to meet the requirements and approval of the Accreditation Committee.
  2. Thereafter, the application is submitted to the Assessment Committee for scrutiny and assessment by way of review of the engineering works done by the applicant or in combination with an interview/oral examination of the applicant.

Professional Engineer Candidate Interview

Where the Assessment Committee recommends to the Board that a Candidate should be further evaluated by way of interview/oral examination, the panel of the Board after a general questioning of the Candidate as to his/her experience and Training and roles and responsibilities on past work positions, could pursue the additional review and assessment of the Candidate to seek to confirm his/her abilities and knowledge in a number of areas. Consideration may be given to some of the following areas:

  • Knowledge and application of Engineering Technology (As it relates to the specific engineering discipline or expertise of the candidate)
  • Professionalism and ethics.
  • Health, Safety and Environment considerations.
  • Communication and teamwork.
  • Finance and Economics in Construction/Manufacturing/or other fields of engineering operations  
  • Contracts Administration/Engineering Management.
  • The role of Specifications, testing and inspection

Assessment of Competency

The Assessment Committee is chaired by a Member of the Board but is comprised of a number of Sub-Committees of specialists registered engineers in various fields of engineering practice and expertise and who are constituted to review and examine the practical engineering credentials of applicants in the various categories of registration

The Benefits of Registration

BOETT Registration helps engineers establish themselves as the best industry professionals and leaders possible.

BOETT Registration is the only legislatively established professional certification for engineers practicing in Trinidad and Tobago. Registration confirms your academic and professional qualifications and provides recognition of engineers who have demonstrated knowledge, experience and competency in a specific specialty area, bringing more value to employers, clients, and the public.

Professionally registered status shows employers and clients that you have and are committed to maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills and competence required to meet the engineering and technological needs of today. The prestige of your title will improve your CV and may lead to wider professional engagements or employment options, career progression and promotion.

To be registered, you must meet the established qualification criteria for academic training, experience and licensure and execute a signed document by which you are obliged to conform to the BOETT’s legislated Code of Ethics.

How to Apply for Registration

Registration Application Forms, with relevant guideline information, are available on the BOETT Website- Don’t delay, get Registered today!